Volunteer Screening:

Volunteers are crucial to many social organizations such as non-profits, churches, youth programs, and recreation departments. However, volunteers that have a pattern of criminal behavior can do more harm than good for your organization. The safety of your organization and the people it helps can be at risk when the backgrounds of your volunteer base go unchecked. Safer Places, Inc.’s Volunteer Screening Packages can help you and your organization uncover many of the “bad apples” before they become an active part of your organization.


  • Help protect your organization from negligence claims
  • Help ensure safety of vulnerable members of your community such as children and the elderly
  • Help prevent damaging public relations nightmares


Safer Places, Inc. has discounted Volunteer Screening Package or can help you custom design a package that fits your organzation’s specific needs and budget. Contact Safer Places, Inc. today for more information on our specially priced Volunteer Screening Packages.


Options Include:

  • Criminal Records Search
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Driving Records / License Verification
  • References (Personal & Employment)
  • Drug Testing
  • …and much more!