Post-Employment Services:

Safer Places, Inc. offers a variety of post-employment products and services. Some of the options include:


Custom Photo ID Service – Enhance your security program by identifying and controlling access of employees, contract workers, tenants and volunteers. IDs are printed on durable PVC plastic and can be customized with your company logo and design. No expensive equipment to buy, all you need is a digital camera.


Post-Hire Criminal Watch – Monitor your employee’s criminal activity on a monthly basis. This inexpensive option checks our National Criminal Database (including sex offender registries) every month. It’s a great step toward ensuring your employees stay compliant with your companies criminal conduct policy.


Drug Testing – Enforce your company’s Drug Free Workplace Policy. Random, post accident, and reasonable suspicion are a few of the post-hire drug testing options. Safer Places, Inc. can manage your random screening program helping you avoid discrimination claims.