Drug Testing :

More & more companies are requiring a drug test prior to employment. If your company isnít one of them, have you ever wondered where the people with substance abuse problems are applying?


Safer Places, Inc. will provide a clinic in close proximity to your place of business or wherever your applicants are, anywhere in the country. You simply provide your applicant with one of our Chain of Custody forms and direct them to the clinic.


A urine sample is collected under controlled conditions. The sample is shipped overnight to a certified laboratory where a 5 or 10 panel (your choice) test is conducted. The results are reviewed by our Medical Review Officer (MRO). If the results are positive, the MRO will make contact with your applicant to determine if there is a legal reason (such as prescription medication) for the positive results.


The final results are available at our secure web site, usually within 48 hours.