Our Mission:

To assist you in making our communities safer through effective background screening.

A Message from the President:

I have been working to create safer places for almost 30 years in various aspects of the Security Industry. During this time, Iíve learned there is no shortage of confusion over what a thorough background investigation should involve. Information must be accurate, available quickly and not be too costly.


You need to know the source of your public record searches. They are not all the same. Different sources may give you different outcomes. Safer Places, Inc. specializes in working with you to guide you through this complicated process. We take the time to explain the myriad of services offered in todayís market. We let you know what products you should consider, what to avoid and how to devise a program and policies that meet your particular needs.


Safer Places, Inc. has one goal in mind, to be a unique background screening company with a different outcome; safer places.